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Garage door opener repair is a frequently sought service by homes and commercial spaces alike. Even though problems with the opener are inevitable after a period of regular use, you can delay them with proper care and maintenance of the door parts. At Family Garage Door Repair Oxnard, our team is well-trained in handling all possible garage door opener repair issues. Once you give us a call, you can rest easy knowing that your garage door is in best hands. 

The Commonest Reasons for Garage Door Openers Malfunctioning

Garage door openers go bad due to a variety of reasons. Proper maintenance of the door would ensure that the need for repairs does not occur too soon and too frequently.

Garage Door Opener Repair Oxnard CA
  • An issue with the transmitter: Electronic garage door openers are dependent on the transmitter they work on. If the transmitter fails, or is drained of battery, the opener loses some of its efficiency.
  • A misaligned track: A poor track alignment prevents the opener from working normally. At Family Garage Door Repair Oxnard, we are experts at correcting alignment and subsequently all the other problems associated with it.
  • The sensors are not parallel: If the sensors in your door are not exactly opposite to one another, the opener will malfunction.
  • A broken motor: The opener works on a motor. If your opener is not working, there could be a problem with the motor. Our technicians can effectively repair any faults in the motor to get your door gliding smoothly once again.
  • Broken cables or springs: Many a time, the problem in your opener is only a repercussion of a problem in another mechanical part of the garage door like a cable or a spring. You need experienced professionals to detect and repair those. Call us and we will do a thorough check on why your opener wouldn’t work.

How smoothly your garage door opener works depends on how well maintained the other parts of the door are. Keeping the overall operation of the system smooth will also elongate an opener’s life. 

Garage Door Opener Installation

At Family Garage Door Repair Oxnard we also offer garage door opener installation service. In case, we find that your door opener is damaged beyond repair, we will suggest you go for a new one. Our garage door opener installation costs are the lowest and our technicians are trained to recommend you the best opener for your requirement. Not all openers serve the same purpose – some are meant specifically for heavier garage doors while others perform best with the lighter varieties. Choosing the right kind of opener for your garage door will ensure that it functions at its optimum efficiency and does not malfunction too soon. 

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At Family Garage Door Oxnard, we have tremendous experience in dealing with installation and repair of garage door openers. You can count on us to know exactly where the problem lies and treating it at the root. Many agencies do a temporary job with repairing openers without knowing the bigger problem leading to the malfunction, and you end up calling the repair people over and over again to deal with the recurring issue. When you choose us over the others, you keep yourself out of this annoying cycle!