Garage Door Sensor Repair Oxnard, CA

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Safe and Secure Garage Door Sensor Repair in Oxnard

Garage door sensors prevent the garage door from closing on an object, a person or a pet standing in the way. These are very useful safety devices and we recommend keeping them in good shape for achieving maximum accuracy.

A sensor malfunction causes irksome situations like the garage door not closing even when you want it to, or risky situations like the door shutting down in spite of somebody standing in the way. Before irksome situations turn into dangerous ones, call Family Garage Door Repair Oxnard for reliable garage door sensor repair. 

Maintain Your Sensors Well

Garage Door Sensor Repair Oxnard CA

You can substantially extend the lifespan of your garage door sensors by taking care of them. Keeping the sensor clean at all times increases its accuracy. Maintaining the electrical connections well will also prevent sensors from malfunctioning. 

Correct Installation Makes a Huge Difference

Sensors on either side of the garage door should be accurately aligned with each other. If not, they will show bizarre behavior. Also, the sensors have to be correctly connected to the garage door system and to the electrical points. All of this requires the expertise of a trained installation or repair professional. At Family Garage Door Repair Oxnard, our technicians understand the nuances well and do an efficient job of installation, thereby getting the maximum functionality from the devices. 

A Deformed Sensor Mount Could be Causing the Problem

Many a time, it’s not the sensor but the frame on which it is mounted that is preventing the sensor from functioning properly. Most of these mount frames are made of aluminum and are therefore prone to getting bent. We can easily fix this for you in a few minutes and get your devices back to their normal efficiency. 

Get Professional Help to Fix the Wiring of Your Sensors

If your sensors don’t seem to be working all that well, try cleaning them. Chances are that the dust deposits on them were preventing them from functioning. If this doesn’t work, the problem could most likely be in the wiring. Now, you need a professional to come over to your place and fix the issue.

At Family Garage Door Repair Oxnard, we repair sensors irrespective of what the cause of the malfunctioning is and we do so at reasonable prices. Call us if you suspect a problem and we will visit you to investigate. 

We’ll Surprise You by Our Swiftness

Our clients often express their delight on how fast we accomplish any repair or installation task without compromising on the quality of work. At Family Garage Door Repair Oxnard, our endeavor is to let you go about your day with zero interruption due to repair or maintenance work. We will get your job done before you even realize. So stop procrastinating about the long due garage door sensor repair. Call us at 805-775-8592 and let our skilled technicians take care of it!