Garage Door Track Repair Oxnard, CA

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A garage door track aligns the door and lets it smoothly glide up and down to open or close it. Anything going wrong with the track leads to the door getting bound and not opening properly. This can be a really annoying everyday issue. And if you do not mend it right there, it will most likely get worse with time and use. Therefore, we recommend you call in a reputed agency like Family Garage Door Repair Oxnard for efficient garage door track repair as soon as possible. 

A Poor Attempt at Track Repair Could Worsen the Situation

Garage Door Track Repair Oxnard CA

Tracks require a great degree of precision to keep them completely parallel to one another. Even a small error could keep the door from gliding smoothly. Therefore, you should go for an experienced professional who can do the job the first time. Otherwise, you could as well go from a garage door that does not shut properly to a garage door that does not shut at all! 

Causes of Garage Door Track Malfunction

A malfunction in the track usually occurs as a result of some other issue in the door. The most common ones among them are:

  • A broken cable – when you have a broken cable in the garage door and still try to open the door, it bends on one side causing the track to get bent and distorted too.
  • Jammed rollers – if there is a problem with the rollers, it will spill over to the door tracks. You can prevent this by keeping the rollers well lubricated at all times. Otherwise, if you open the door repeatedly on an unlubricated roller, it bends the horizontal track.
  • Prolonged pressure on the horizontal track – if you are in the habit of keeping the garage door open for long period of time, you might consider shutting it down as soon as you are done moving your vehicle. Too much weight on the horizontal track for too long leads to metal fatigue and shortens the life of the track.

Besides the inevitable wear and tear in the tracks due to use and environmental factors, the above causes are very common in making garage door tracks go bad. Many of these problems are preventable. Do your bit in ensuring a good running condition for your tracks; and in case a problem occurs in the cables, rollers, etc, call Family Garage Door Repair Oxnard to fix it before it begins to affect the horizontal or vertical tracks. 

Garage Door Track Replacement

Every garage door track has a lifecycle beyond which it would be unwise to continue using the same track. If your tracks have outlived their cycle, it is best to replace them with new ones. At Family Garage Door Repair Oxnard we repair and replace all types of tracks for all garage door types.

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